The Mechanic Soundtrack Download

Track list of the soundtrack of The Mechanic, the new 
auto-action movie.
The Mechanic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The official soundtrack of  The Mechanic is available for 
4.Liquor Fairy
5.Coffee Shop to Bar
6.I Want a Meeting
7.Poisoned the Well
8.Amat Victoria Curam
9.Looking Back
11.I Wanna Know What You Know
12.Up Close
13.Up Close (Alternate Version)
14.Chihuahuas and Boys
15.Don't Get In His Car
16.Anger, and a Place to Put It
17.An Outside Individual
18.I'm Not a Reverend (Vaughn Setup Pt. 1)
19.Vaughn Setup Pt. 2
20.Vaughn Hit Pt. 1
21.They're In the Wall (Vaughn Hit Pt. 2)
22.They Played You So Easily
23.Left Side Cushion
24.Fingers, Wrist, Elbow
25.Save the Fuel, I'm Coming for You
26.Gun Sting
27.Vengeance Is the Mission
28.The Mechanic
29.Original 1M1 (Bonus Track)