The Eagle Soundtrack Download

The track list of the soundtrack of The Eagle, the new epic movie directed by Kevin Macdonald and starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell.
The official soundtrack of  The Eagle is available  for download:

The Eagle Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Atli Örvarsson
1. Testudo
2. Highlands
3. The Return Of The Eagle
4. The Ninth Legion
5. North of the Wall
6. Honourable Discharge
7. Out Swords!
8. May Your Souls Take Flight
9. The Seal People
10. Searching
11. Barbarians
12. I Will Return
13. Better Angry Than Dead
14. Eagle Lost, Honour Lost
15. Fleeing The Village
16. Edge of the World
17. Esca’s Freedom
18. Beyond The Territories