Battle Los Angeles Soundtrack Download

Track list of the soundtrack of Battle Los Angeles, thenew  sci-fi alien invasion movie directed by Jonathan Liebesman and starring Aaron Eckhart:
Battle Los Angeles Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed and conducted by Brian Tyler 
The official soundtrack of  Battle Los Angeles  is available  for download:

1. Battle Los Angeles Hymn
2. Battle Los Angeles Main Titles
3. Arrival
4. Marines Don’t Quit
5. Command and Control Center
6. Elegy
7. Redemption
8. For Home, Country, and Family
9. War Hymn
10. Evac
11. To Hell and Back
12. Mobilized
13. The Freeway
14. The Drone
15. Casualty of War
16. Rebalance
17. Regret
18. Shelf Life
19. The World Is at War
20. Abandoning Los Angeles
21. Battle Los Angeles
22. We Are Still Here